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About Me
I love story telling, universe development and watching characters grow.
I always wanted to do visual story telling, and always loved comics.
The only problem is that I can't draw if my life depended on it.
I ended up with 3D rendering, and am quite happy that I have found a medium to share the stories my co-author and I are cooking up.

Other trivia: Crossed the age mark of 50. :-)

BeeMKay's Webcomics
Demon Division
The Division is up to its neck protecting mankind from Dark Mages - and the other way around.

A new generation of Dark Mages is forced into service by the Division, and Seth Caelen tries his best to ease them into their new jobs. But his mission gets sabotaged when an over 60 year old, home-made problem surfaces and threatens the existence of mankind: the return of the Demons.

Warnings: Occasional harsh language and swearing, some blood and combat violence, corporal punishment. [PG13]
Mature themes/topics

[New Page(s): normally once weekly, usually Wednesdays.]

Last update: 27th Apr 2020
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Demon Division (Deutsch)
Die Division hat alle Hände voll mit ihrer Aufgabe zu tun, die Menschheit vor den Dunklen Magiern zu schützen - und umgekehrt.

Seth Caelen versucht, eine neue Generation von zwangsrekrutierten Dunklen Magiern für ihre Aufgaben bei der Division zu begeistern, als ein mehr als 60 Jahre altes, hausgemachtes Problem die Existenz der Menschheit bedroht: Die Rückkehr der Dämonen.

Warnungen: Gelegentlich rüde Ausdrücke und Flüche. Blut und Gewalt im Kampf, körperliche Bestrafungen. [FSK 12/PG13]
Thematisch für Kinder nicht empfohlen.

[Neue Seite(n): in der Regel einmal wöchentlich, normalerweise jeden Mittwoch.]

Dieses ist die Deutsche Ausgabe des Webcomics

Last update: 27th Apr 2020
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
The 4th Wall
Welcome to "The 4th Wall"!
This comic is a peek behind the scenes, to share a bit about how 3D computer-rendered comics are done.
Questions are welcome! If you have any questions about the process of creating images for the comic, feel free to ask. :-)

The 4th Wall will update irregularly, as time allows.

Last update: 18th Apr 2019