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Beelzebabe's Profile
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Registration date: 14th Jul 2012
Last seen: 24th Jun 2013, 1:59 PM
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Location: Canada
About me
I'm a horror writer first and an artist last. You can find me hunched over my desk with a coffee.

Beelzebabe's comics
The Entity
Four friends have achieved lucid dreaming together. In their night lives, they craft elaborate locations and challenges which they face as a team or adversaries. They each are their perfect selves in their dream lives, but their fears and flaws begin to emerge despite their best efforts to avoid them. The four begin seeing a strange entity within their dream space that they cannot control. It seems to be conscious and its presence begins to bring an inescapable chaos to alternate lives.

Last update: 19th Feb 2013
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The Consequences of Creation
A short about a coward who accidentally gives life to three volatile demons representing her worst qualities.
Last update: 27th Aug 2012
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