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Registration date: 26th May 2012
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Location: NJ, USA!
About me
Registered Nurse
Chihuahua/cat mom
Taken by a nerd

I've been drawing my entire life, and working on the comic Trinity for over a decade now.

BellaRoisinDubh's comics
Trinity is a comic over that is years in the making. It started in the imagination of a 12 year old girl and has grown to a decade long project. Trinity follows two seemingly normal teenage high school students and their journey to the world of Zevera. Here they learn that they have much greater roles to play in life than just students. Zevera is a land over 800 years old. Its history contains the rise and fall and tragic deaths of gods, the destruction of kingdoms and the promise of the salvation of its people from a life of war and longing.
Last update: 11 days ago
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Between You and Me
This comic follows five very different, exceptionally average teenagers. What is the thing holding this ragtag group of unlikely friends together? Is it their desire to fit in somewhere? Or is it because in a small, boring town, there's no possible way they could fit in?

But when a newcomer moves into a long-abandoned, almost infamous house, the routine, boring lives of these five teens are turned upside down.

Friendships are tested, romances bloom and secrets are exposed in this comic that will tackle issues in today's adolescence such as religion, sexuality, peer pressure, alcoholism, drugs, child abuse, family tragedy, body image, bullying and teen pregnancy.

Last update: 23rd Jan 2015
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