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I'm a dreamer by day, and a musician by trade, but don't get me wrong because all along
I've been too shy to stay and say hello, even though I really wanna get to know you.
part of it is the artists who make me want to be like them, but until then I gotta say
thank you for taking the time to read this line for line,
i'm a dreamer by trade as the sound of music plays
and I hope you enjoy your stay-

Until next time~

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Defenestration Defenestration
When a scientist accidentally travels to the center of the multiverse--an impossible world full of aliens and magic--he finds himself the target of bounty hunters and a secretive CEO. To figure out why, he has to team up with a pair of professional thieves who have enemies of their own, and who may or may not hold the key to saving reality from itself.

DISCONTINUED! Will restart soon as Red Sun at Morning

Last update: 12th Jun 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language