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Last seen: 17th May 2013, 11:13 PM
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I'm a teenager who has drawn comics for most of my life. I started doing webcomics in March 2011, and have enjoyed it ever since

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Passing Period
"You know when it's passing period because that's the only time of day where interesting things actually happen. Some call it passing period, some call it the two minutes between classes. But it's the time where people stick to reality most of the time, but then every once in a while things get a little bit crazy."

Passing Period is a comic just like that: it sticks to reality most of the time, but adds in some crazy unreal s**t just before things get too boring. PP (yes, I know about the initials) is the combination of two of Benz's older comics, Normalcy and Crazy Fake Stuff (whose names were pretty much self-explanatory). Filled with teenage humor, awkward moments, and of course, references to various things, Passing Period is an interesting comic that will keep you up at 3:27am reading the archives.

Last update: 5th Feb 2013
Joshua Rocketberg: Lab Rat
Joshua Rocketberg: Lab Rat is about a kid who ends up in a laboratory program run by kids his age and is developing things that are at least twenty years ahead of their times -- all without any type of parental supervision. Unfortunately, their little group is threatened by both the outside world and the adult scientists in it, as well as another secret group whom will stop at nothing to expose the truth about this organization. And the worst part is that Joshua is in the middle of it all. Lab Rat combines science, fantasy, and reality in one funny, awkward, crazy package.
Last update: 24th Feb 2013