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Writer and artist, curator of a menagerie of unruly characters, and purveyor of madness.

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Outside In Outside In
Antisocial Raaqiel just wants the other angels to leave him alone. Unfortunately, he has to go to school. Even worse, he sometimes makes really stupid decisions. How will he keep his deadly secret?
Last update: 17th Mar 2017
Discord (a love story) Discord (a love story)
Mylla is called upon to fulfill her dead sister's marriage contract. While she struggles with survivor's guilt, her new husband tries to teach her to step into her role as future queen of West Danury. It would be so much easier for them both if someone weren't trying to kill them.

steampunk romance/adventure

Last update: 20th Aug 2016
Strong Sexual Themes
Mercy Mercy
When confronted with the suffering of another, the son of the Angel of Death must make a choice.

[[completed one-shot]]

Last update: 19th Mar 2015