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Hi, I'm Binyamin. I like writing, drawing, music, magic, the ability to see, fantasy, sci-fi, dogs, humor, productivity, hands, language, computers, and lists (apparently.) I like to think I'm a nice guy.

I am not here right now. I'll be back.

Fl!p:People know "this is a magician." They understand what's coming. And then I do it.

Binyamin's Webcomics
Arcane Technique
The world is ready for a breakthrough. And as cities grow larger and towns become ever more interconnected, it is becoming clear that breakthroughs are happening all around. It is the age of exploration. It is the Age of the New. But people are slow to change...

Carac is a young Common dedicated to developing a strange kind of force which he calls magic. When he meets Dayan, a mysterious blind traveler who would appear to see more than he lets on, he learns that he will change the world, for better or for worse.

Art by fireydeath
Written by Binyamin

Last update: 22nd Mar 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Dynamite & Silverware
My Gag-a-Day webcomic. It's kind of a blog, in that the comics come from random thoughts of mine.
So far, the only theme that has really developed is that jokes in the comic reflect what's going on in my life somewhat. (Write what you know!) That and surrealism, because it's easy to draw.

Last update: 15th Mar 2015
Anthology is the primary catalogue of the Mid-Strudel culture, located on ComicFury. Members of the ComicFury Noticeboard (endonymically referred to as Strudellers) create pictorial representations of one another and share them with the community. Memes ensue.
Last update: 17th Jun 2020
Works of art created from boredom
A few authors have been picked and are now allowed to post things on this page. Works of art or random doodles they are proud of and like. Small mini comics can also be posted here.
Last update: 20th Dec 2015