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Blank Esquire's Profile
Blank Esquire
Registration date: 13th Jan 2015
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Location: California
About me
I do a variety of different things and at the moment I'm a 25 yr old student. My work may be funny, serious, completely random, or all three. Sometimes, I enjoy a good plot in my work but there are times when I feel really frustrated with the work and I throw out the plot completely and that can have some fun results.

Blank Esquire's comics
Rude Cats
The Rude Cats have been wiped out...but they're coming back!

After six cycles, Skeleton decided that the Rude Cats have to come back to business but they have to fight the Government Scientists under the name Aerorimmium for the rights to be their own people.

Meanwhile, the inter-dimensional law enforcement (the Rude Cats) go back onto cases with their own brand of diplomacy.

Last update: 29th May 2018
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Web of Sinclair
Panda "Rabbit" Sinclair, a young man who recently found out he's not what he thought he was, join forces with the mysterious inter-dimensional law enforcement organization simply known as the Agency before branching out into his own section which he calls UMI.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Sown with Madness
Jasper has seen weird things his entire life and now he has discovered the reason for it: Magick.

Oliver has been on Earth for more than 170 , but that's nothing to a faemon and now he has to teach Jasper magick as well as search for the shards of the Orbs of Balance.

Hackett's personal life is a mess. He is also in trouble with the interdimensional law enforcement organization known as The Agency, so he has to spy on the local magi and be on good behaviour which is difficult for a demon.

Beety has only one goal: hunt down the Mad Faemon Nico-Baron and make him pay.

Petyr Ogsrin works for the Agency but also has a bone to pick with Nico-Baron, which is why he teams up with Hackett and Dr. Elsewhere.

Last update: 20th Sep 2018
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Glorious Mush
Evan Kettle is trapped in a worndown hotel with some very strange people and has no idea where she is, except that her home is on the other side of the border. She may have to decide if staying with these crazy yet fun people will be a beginning she needs or if it is worth it going home.
Last update: 13th Jul 2018
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Rocks and Teeth
These are the adventures of Rickwerd Kwaadvis aka Ricky and Edward Bruadair aka The Vegetable and their friends, loves and people who are annoyed by them. Although Ricky is skilled in many things, he does try to use diplomacy to solve his problems unless he's on a job for the Meporki Branch of the Assassins' Guild...
Last update: 4th Jan 2019
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Moonlit Misfits
The Agency is an organisation that works for the universe.
They are Paxton Dubhan and Lucien Swinfen help out the Rosa Pele City-Guard, Viktor Tokala and Mooreen Hope are from a different time and work for the Metropolitan Watch,
Adrian Otaybe is a stage hand by day and a high up assassin by night who has a wonderful singing voice.
Petyr Ogsrin is a man of many skills and many bosses but his main objective always comes first: Protect the City of Rosa Pele above everything else.

Felinus Grey works for the Archive, a government run information storage location and deals with troubles from his childhood including the man he saved whose son may have murdered a woman. Murtagh Mulder gets pulled into the woman's murder because he can see her ghost. Together they search for the truth.

Milton is an interface for the living network Mil-10 but they're more brothers than program and interface.
William was just a normal Californian boy until he met Alice. And Alice, well she's a little different.

Checkers sees the struggles of his peers in the streets but doesn't have a voice.

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Ghost People
A special few who die 0.00000000000001 of a second within each other create a special bond. These individuals are called Ghost People. Matt, recently dead is thrown into this world of the dead and must quickly adjust to moody secretaries, bosses, some strange woman who calls herself Mancork, and the other Ghost People officers.
Last update: 6th Aug 2017
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