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I am on deviantart, facebook, and gaiaonline as well as seraph6283 (older account) and LOSTgnosis (present account), Bleach and Cloth, and Cora Merle Seraph respectively. Bleach and Cloth is also posted on it original home dA via my LOSTgnosis account which also features my ongoing long literary fiction 'Exodus of Expectations' and ongoing long literary fantasy 'The War or the Pilgrimage' in addition to other literary and visual art works. It is also available on my FB page as you can guess from it name along with selections from both of my dA accounts. Ya I like the internet a little bit too much and hence am on too many sites for my own good LoL!

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Bleach and Cloth Bleach and Cloth
Burlesque and Islam living together (albeit in a talking heads comic strip but why sweat the details)...

Bleach is a Religious Studies major working her way through college as a burlesque dancer. Cloth is a 'white bread' hijabi Muslimah in college for Art History. Together they are roommates who because they are so different couldn't help but find how they are alike. Focusing on their similarities (such as how they both love comics, video games, and anime) rather than differences (such as bra size and Cloth's parents being a Fox Noise Reporter and Right Wing Christian Tea Party Republican politician) they become fast friends. And by friends I mean they talk $#!+ about each other more than a chimp in the zoo flings poo. However, if anyone else talks crapola about the one than the other quickly got their back.

PS Beware of Teddy Interruptions (cute little teddy bears stuffed with sin) and Mufti/Sheikh/imam (all self given titles) Squid Beard self described (noticing a pattern here?) fatwas not endorsed by the Muslim community at large!!!

Oh and before you ask, "Why did the creator decide to name them Bleach and Cloth?" Let me say, "How the Jahannam should I know I am just a disembodied narrator voice!"

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