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BluRaven C. Houvener's Profile
BluRaven C. Houvener
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Registration date: 11th Jun 2014
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About Me
I'm nothing special. I'm a' simple guy, raised by a musician with a biker background and another rebel of the more conservative variety. Life hasn't always been easy and in those hard times I immersed myself in the fantastic adventures present in cartoons and comics. Growing up with such artistic surroundings I witnessed the artist lifestyle first hand, been imbued with its cruel lessons, the lip service comradery, and the fickle and conditional love of the cheering masses. So I'm not doing this for personal gain or fame. I'm doing this for me. I do have dreams, don't get me wrong. I want to be able to do my thing and work on my craft while mingling with the people. I want to be the rock star of comics. A regular Stan Lee in a leather jacket. I want to be the sage to the up and coming like others have been to me. I don't ask much...

BluRaven C. Houvener's Webcomics
It's Just another day
Join Jake, a sexually frustrated teenager on one huge bout of bad luck! Right by his side are his sometimes all too mellow mother, his terminally ill rockstar father, and his out there group of friends! Jake faces heartbreak and the pains of growing up all the while trying to hold his world together. It’s gonna’ be a bumpy ride…ya’ coming along?
Written and illustrated by BluRaven C. Houvener
Updates every Wednesday!

Last update: 5 days ago
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It's Just another day's Pin Up's, Shorts, and Funnies!
Ever wanna' know what happens between the chapters of It's Just another day? You're in the right place and Jake n' his friends are here ta' welcome ya!
Pin ups, gag-a-days, and shorts aren't all this site has ta' offer, especially when it means getting closer to your I.J.a.d. friends!

Last update: 1st Oct 2016
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