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I am a big fan of manga, graphic novels, and comics in general. I have been hooked on comics since I was kid, and first introduced to anime through Sailor Moon. This was also my first manga in 1997. I received my Visual Arts BA from the University of Illinois at Springfield in 2010, and continue to work on improving my art.

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Cerulean Dreams


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Dark Horse
Two girls dragged into a battle for the future…

As modern civilization crumbles under the yoke of a genetic supremacist organization, fae folk and demons begin to reemerge: some wish to aid in man’s struggle, others desire to bring mankind to its knees. From the ashes of man’s plight rise seven reluctant heroes imbued with the power to save, or destroy, all that exists.

Updates Friday, reads right to left.* If you need guidance, please visit this page:

Please be forewarned: this comic has nudity, sex, foul language, and violence. You have been forewarned. But! If these things are not something that make you uncomfortable, please come on in and enjoy the ride!

Dark Horse is the first installment of The Crystal Lotus Chronicles.


*I am working on flipping Dark Horse to read Left to Right. I will make an announcement once this flip is completed. Thank you for your patience!!!

Last update: Yesterday
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
The Whimper in the Dark
A view into strange happenings as seen not by humans, who miss the events entirely, but rather through the eyes of a mixed rescue dog, Jack, and his not-so-attentive Boston Terrier friend, Julius. Journey with them as horrific terrors constantly threaten their environs, people, and the world around them.

Edward Gorey inspired inking, HP Lovecraft inspired milieu. Authored by Brad Arnett and Asheen Woods.

The Whimper in the Dark updates once per month, the second Friday of the month. It will update one arc or sub-arc per month.

Thanks for your patience! We hope you enjoy it!

Last update: 11th Jan 2020
Graphic Violence / Gore
Fight Test: Blue Vs. HTML
It's probably not obvious, but this is just a test website. I need to mess about with HTML and see how to add stuff before I convert any of my comic sites here to HMTL. There...won't be much here folks.
Last update: 26th Jun 2019