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Hey, I'm Bob. I try to do as little work as possible, but I do some of the story stuff and mouseover text.

If it's not funny, it's definitely something I came up with.

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Tales From Alderwood Tales From Alderwood
Katherine is a confident young wizard living on the streets with a penchant for learning new spells. When she attempts a teleportation spell that is just a little too advanced for her, she accidentally finds herself flung into the house and employment of Hechoton Sinclair, the man who led Alderwood into an era of rapid technological advancement. Together with newfound friends and her owl familiar Creampuff, she must use her magic, mind, and dexterity to complete the strange assignments given to her by her employer.

Tales from Alderwood updates every Monday and Friday at midnight Pacific Time. It is written primarily for young adults and contains strong language and violence.

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Violent Content Occasional Strong Language