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Yo! Just a laid-back guy from the U.S. looking to share his comic, read other comics, and hopefully make friends! Ya boy's been drawing since April 2014 in order to bring Legend of Paean to life.

The signature "Head Tilted Up, Arms Folded" pose drawn by my buddy lifelight!


Gledistia Triacanthos, the guardian of my profile, as imagined by MadJak. Tread lightly around her! That smile belies a very protective side!

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Legend of Paean
Gift Cadeau is a typical teenaged boy from the small town of Tildos with a strong love of nature and a noble heart. On one fateful day after finishing his errands, he decides to go on a rather routine trip to a town called Flora. Unbeknownst to him, this seemingly routine trip would set him down a path he never imagined he'd take...

Moved to Tapastic.

Last update: 3rd Nov 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Theian Museum for the Arts
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Theian Museum for the Arts! This museum features a collection of fan art, art exchanges, and thread requests for the Legend of Paean. I hope you enjoy your visit!
Last update: 14th Jan 2017
"For A Beautiful World!"
Shin Shikabu is a humble mercenary living on the continent of Asianesque, a land ruled by a tyrannical king entitled the "Cold Blooded King". On one fateful day, after being set upon and intentionally sandbagging against a misguided maiden in order to spare her feelings, he receives a rather unusual request to rescue the world's most beautiful man, Fujioka, from the king's clutches...

An RnK fanfic.

Last update: 14th Aug 2016

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Fellow traditional art enthusiast!

Not Your Everyday Comic Artist!

Another traditional artist and apprentice of yours truly. Beware his potential!