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My name is Ricky Sprague. I have written comics for Short Scary Tales, Moonstone Books, and Platinum Studios, as well as Mad magazine and Cracked magazine. My short animated films have screened at festivals all over the world, including Sydney Underground Film Festival, Dragon*Con, L.A. Shorts Fest, and Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation.

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Mockey Mouse Vs Superiorman
The classic comic book character Superiorman battles the classic animated character Mockey Mouse. The comics crossover event of the summer!
Last update: 6th Jun 2011
Senator Surprise
Set in the dark and disturbing early 1970s, Senator Surprise tells the story of Little Saturnin Surprise, Jr., the Transcendental Democratic Senator from the great state of Louisiana, who uses his powers of occult magick to right wrongs and write legislation, fighting the forces of evil aligned against not just America, but the very universe of which America is the center!
Last update: 7th Oct 2015