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Registration date: 20th Aug 2015
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About me
A Nintendo fan with big ideas! Who just isn’t talented enough to make them :D. In the writer/creator of this little comic here but I am not alone in this. (Links below) I enjoy drawing playing games new foods and traveling. I have 2 dreams. Become a half decent artist one day & make comics.
That’s about it. (I suck at about ME’s) I would really appreciate it if you liked what you saw to spread the word :).
Now for Links: P
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Brawl9977's comics
Animal Crossing: Starting On A New Leaf!
Dennis is a small human boy who is looking for a change in his life. After 13 years of the same routine, the monotony of Dennis' stale living has reached an end, but by looking for change he might have gotten a little more than he bargained for as a simple journey grows into the biggest challenge he has ever faced: Running his own town.

Luckily for Dennis, he has some new friends who are willing to help. Join Dennis on his adventure as he befriends the locals, deals with emergency situations, and just overall enjoying everything his new life has to offer.

Last update: 10th Mar 2016
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