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Registration date: 29th Sep 2009
Last seen: 30th Jan 2016, 5:11 AM
Posts: 656
Comments left: 247
Ratings given: 5 / 144
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Location: California
About me
I don't actually host my current comic, DadRockGirlPop, on ComicFury but I like the community so I'm still here.

Breck's comics
Travellers (Breck's 24-hr Comic Book Day Comic)
This is the comic I did for 24-Hour Comic Book Day in 2012. It took me somewhere around 21 hours of mostly-nonstop drawing and writing at Mission Comics in San Francisco.

During the course of the night, I learned that I cannot draw women. This was eventually rectified.

Last update: 24th Oct 2012
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Animal Magnetism
A gag-a-day webcomic following the life and times of Grey Duck and White Rabbit.

Doesn't update anymore.

BUT, I'm doing a few other comics now! So go read those ones.

Last update: 12th Oct 2012
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Floorswept is a comic with three authors that updates three days a week:

Monday: Phil (Breck)
Wednesday: KCon
Friday: Vavoom

Last update: 19th Oct 2013
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