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in the BIG CITY
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Registration date: 18th Oct 2016
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Location: New York, NY
About me
Bryant "Bryfang" H.D. Walker is an early 30's, self taught artist who was born, raised, and still lives in New York City. He noticed a while back that a lot of artists have bios in the third person that makes them seem way more important than they actually are, so he decided to try and take a shot at that as well. Bryfang doesn't have any diplomas, BFA's or anything like that from any colleges, nor has he had any work published, but he did draw a lot in class in high school so that has to count for something. At the current moment, he dedicates all his artistic endeavors towards Tweezen: Light of the Shadow, a fantasy comic of his own creation. If you want to know more about him, feel free to check out his social media links below. Thanks for reading!


Bryfang's comics
Tweezen: Light of the Shadow
In the world of Ja'aire, a select group of individuals make their living in the form of item retrieval, bodyguarding, bounty hunting and etc. Those people are what's known as Adventurers. For two Adventurers: Stone "The Reaper" Neidhart and his apprentice: Rock Freeman, one quest is going to lead them onto the biggest adventure of their lives.
Last update: 19th Sep 2017
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