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Angels of the Fallen
A young woman of magical talent and her friends live in a divided world beset by monstrous demons. They are recruited by a mysterious man of wealth, who informs them of their true purpose. Together they must seek out and awaken ancient gods and restore balance to their world, as they also discover just how much they need one another.

Romance, fantasy, adventure.

Last update: 3rd May 2021
Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Crossover Exchange
Characters from all types of comic universes are coming together! How will they interact? Will out-of-comic friendships be formed? Will new rivalries surface? Here is the place to find out!
Last update: 12 days ago
30 Days of Characters - 2020
ComicFury artists join together to challenge themselves! 30 characters in 30 days - one new character every day, for the entire month of April. Think you're up for the challenge? Join now!
Last update: 1st May 2020