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Registration date: 26th May 2016
Last seen: 30th Jan 2018, 1:26 AM
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Location: United States, California
About me
Creator of the webcomic "Cheetah Kid!", animator, and minor game developer.

CHAOKOCartoons's comics
Cheetah Kid!
The story of how a half cheetah/half human kid named Kent Dendega and his human brother Token become government superheroes to pay off a debt to the city of Skyblend. Together they form a group of young heroes to try and suppress crime and save the day like any good hero.
Little did they know, the role of a hero isn't as glamorous as it appears to be, and they discover the true sacrifices and responsibility of protecting the world they call home.

Last update: 15th Jan 2014
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Case: Housepets!
Case: Housepets! is a fan made "Mystery/Choose Your Own Adventure" story based on the world and lore of the webcomic Housepets! Inspired by and parodying many Adventure Games such as Heavy Rain, the Telltale Series', and Until Dawn, Case: Housepets! takes both a serious and silly approach to the Adventure formula, allowing you to completely control and change the lives and personalities of multiple protagonists.

While it may be all fun at games at times, every choice you and the other readers make truly matters, as you only get once chance to get your ending of choice. Whether you make it to the end with all characters or none, the ending you get will be the canon ending.

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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