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I very much enjoy comics in general. I started posting a few things to another site, but wasn't thrilled with the set up. Then I found this site and wanted to try a somewhat regular comic schedule (it worked for my blog).

I wanted to stick to a more "family friendly" comic for my first. I also want to keep it fairly simple until I feel ready to try something more story based (that's currently in the works, but probably won't show up for a year or two).

I grew up reading Zits, Hagar the Horrible, Garfield, Peanuts, and Calvin and Hobbs and I draw a lot of inspiration from them. I especially love Zits.

CNightJoy's Webcomics
The Mighty Detective Mortimer & Lou The Mighty Detective Mortimer & Lou
Mortimer wants to be a detective, Lou just wants to enjoy life. Naturally Mortimer gets them into some sort of trouble.

From strange neighbors to evil gremlins, no mystery is too intimidating for the Mighty Detective Mortimer. Thankfully Lou is right next to him to make sure nothing too dangerous happens. Join Mortimer and Lou on their next case...

Last update: 5 days ago
Teke Teke: A Fan’s Short Urban Legend Teke Teke: A Fan’s Short Urban Legend
Remastered short story I made 5 years ago for a class on Japanese culture, anime, and manga. Teke Teke: A Fan’s Short Urban Legend is a telling of the Teke Teke horror urban legend from Japan. Teke Teke features a murder plot, an innocent girl, and a vengeful ghost.
Last update: 5th May 2018
Graphic Violence / Gore