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as if I needed something to go off

Registration date: 24th May 2015
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About me
-I do art stuff
-Most things are for fun
-Maratistime doesn't accurately reflect my art abilities
-My DA is constantly updating

Caliguican's comics
A young rat dragon that goes by the name Ring must restore equilibrium to the world. Ring had upset the delicate balance by committing a horrible crime in the past, and must right the wrongs before it is too late. However, a god-like ghast that is often called Fate has other plans for Ring.

This webcomic is updating Fridays. If I have time, I'll post a page on Monday as well.

Last update: 30th Sep 2017
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Random Crazinessssssssss
I made this starting in 4th grade until i was in 7th grade. please not that this does not reflect my current art abilities in any way. (unless you're talking about my shitpost drawings)

i never published it in the neopets newspaper thing due to not knowing how to get it into the computer well.

Last update: 12th Sep 2017
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