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Registration date: 2nd May 2011
Last seen: 27th Jul 2019, 3:40 AM
Posts: 790
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Location: NY.
About Me
I like drawing emo boys to Evanescence music.

- Highly Experimental Formspring
- Immortal Fool Formspring
- Tumblr

Cammiluna's Webcomics
Highly ExperiMental
Highly Experimental, or "HiEx" for short, is a mixed-genre, psychologically messed-up webcomic about a bunch of young adults in a smalltown science academy.

Very small town

Updates once a weekend.

Last update: 4th May 2016
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My Immortal Fool
Welcome to Shamelessly Fanservice-filled Headcanon Hipsterfest 2011!

Years after the events of Superstar Saga, astray from the alpha timeline leading to the events of Partners in Time, Fawful's made a name for himself and still fights with Prince Peasley, but then he gets posessed by the still-wandering soul of Cackletta.

And stuff happens.

Characters and original canon are ©Nintendo.

Updates are random and the artwork is pretty sketchy, as I'm putting more of my time into another comic called Highly Experimental.

Last update: 16th Mar 2018
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The Yoshi Theatre Film Festival
Mini comics related to the Superstar Saga fancomic <a href="">My Immortal Fool</a> that are not part of the main storyline.

General Mario stuff may be put here, too.

Last update: 2nd Apr 2015
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Overly Temperamental
This site contains little bonuses relevant to the HiEx comic at

Be sure to check out <a href="">the gallery</a> for concept and fan art!

Last update: 27th Jan 2012
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Azu and the Adventures Of...
This is a fantasy adventure story about a girl and her chameleon wizard buddy as he tries to train her to be a mage, but the girl would rather go on adventures.
Updates whenever.

Last update: 8th May 2019
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