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Last seen: 16th Aug 2020, 12:51 PM
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About Me

I'm Marissa (my real name), or Tat'yana Sippy (my artist name).

Pick the name you like to call me!

My ComicFury account name comes from the constellations Canis Major (Greater Dog) and Aquarius, I combined those two constellations because I love dogs and my zodiac-sign is Aquarius.

I like to use my artist name on all my works. Canis-Aquarius is just a name I choose for my account.

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Virus Attack

'In Murray's body, the cells are happily living their lives and doing their jobs without any worry, as no pathogen has entered the body for a while. One day, the cells are celebrating new white bloodcells being recruited

They don't know that they are also being watched from the shadows...'

-This comic story is based on the COVID-19 outbreak, but seen through the eyes of our immune system-

Last update: 10th Jul 2020
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language