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Registration date: 9th Apr 2013
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Canman's comics
Canman is a superhero in DARK DOG City.

The story begins with Matt and his trusty sidekick, Darky the dog, who, on an expedition to the Amazon rainforest, crash their helicopter and find themselves in the abandoned depths of the jungle.

Matt finds some guarana berries nearby and adds them to a vitamin drink. Shortly after, a lightning bolt from outer space strikes him and Darky, turning them into the superhero Canman.

The comic follows Canman as, bit by bit, he discovers his new skills and powers, and realizes that he must use them to defend the weak and defeat evil villains who attack humanity. Canman’s main powers include super speed, strength, hearing, smell and jump. He can also breathe underwater and launch energy rays from his hands, with the help of his bracelet.

A new issue of the Canman comic is released every Monday at

Last update: 11th Apr 2016
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