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She/her, trans lesbian, and I am like a year late to this party.

Refugee from SmackJeeves, and from NSider way before that. Currently in the process of uploading a few archives of my older work. Finishing up KDLA revamp pages and then maybe newer stuff.

CapedLuigisYoshi's Webcomics
Kirby's Dream Land Adventures
A sprite comic running through the totally canon not-at-all-abnormal adventures of Kirby over the years! Started in 2008, kept alive through sheer stubbornness. Rerunning one page a day starting 1/1/21 until we're all caught up.
Last update: 2 days ago
The Extreme Team!
A group of Pokemon highest in each of their respective stats. An evil Magikarp with a team and a plan. And a heaping dose of sarcasm. Hilarity fails to ensue.

More seriously, this was a pretty early work I did, and the first real big comic project I got into. Ran 2007 - 2012, with a finale of sorts in 2017.

Last update: 13th Dec 2020
Cly's Super (Old) Comics
Once upon a time, a young Cly tried her hand at sprite comicking for the first time.

It might have been terrible, but I am too stubborn to let it fade from history.

Ran 2006? - 2007?

Last update: 1st Dec 2020