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Captain Dick♂

Registration date: 3rd Nov 2009
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Captain Dick's comics
Eden takes place in the far future, in which Earth has been mined for every rare element. Alexi Gropska, a Russian aristocrat, is the owner of the largest Russian mining corporation, and his profits are suffering. The colonization of other worlds in solar system is out of the question due to the high cost of terraforming, so he sets out for the planet Eden, a planet much like Earth orbiting a distant G-class star. He takes along his most trusted servant Gabriel Engel and gets on the fastest ship in the current fleet, Nerada, captained by none other then Captain Richard "Dick" Warlic. They must make stops every three months to refueling planets. Many surprises await our heroes in the void where no one can hear you scream.
Last update: 19th Mar 2011
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Fleshly Desires
Fleshly Desires, the year hardly matters, for they don't tell you the date as a slave. No they don't figure you need the hope that someday life will get better. I am Lance, or at least I believe I am, and choose to be. I was a DeathEater warrior, we were a fine breed, and now...look how far we've fallen. Oh well, guess I'll just have to rise up again now won't I?

(Warning: Sexual Themes, Nudity, and Homo-erotic Themes.)

Last update: 12th Mar 2010
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