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A nerd who likes drawing. And pokemon.


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Pokémon RP: Lost Island Pokémon RP: Lost Island
For centuries, the Island has been hidden from the world- lost from society. While maybe not everyone agrees with the idea, all the natives live happily under Tapu Fini. But soon, everything will be tested...

A drawn version of a forum role-play by various participators.
If you would like to join the rp, please do these things:
1) Go to the forum game! Arc one has finished, so you will start at Arc 2. Link->
2) Submit a character using the sign-up thread, and the character template there. (Drawn references are encouraged, but not REQUIRED. If someone feels up to it, they might even draw your character for you!)
3) Role-play in the thread! For maximum rp-ing, interact with main groups of 'mon.

Last update: 22nd Nov 2021
Six Souls Six Souls
Six human souls are revived as ghosts into the Underground.

Toby Fox for Undertale.

Last update: 14th Oct 2021
Violent Content
Sola Kingdom Sola Kingdom
In the oceans of Earth, lies the Sola Kingdom.

I thought of this while writing an evil monolouge.

Last update: 26th Feb 2022
This comic is based on the Mark's Guild Pokemon Role-play, holding many of the concepts and lore we're developing in the thread. Plus possibly a comic adaptation. Join the role play here->
Last update: 1st Feb 2023
Violent Content Sexual Situations
Ask Moondrop (+ Company) Ask Moondrop (+ Company)
Ask Moondrop (or other available characters) from FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy's) Security Breach about anything!

Updates when I draw a response to an ask.

Last update: 26th Feb 2022
Capn Comics Capn Comics
My lame coping mechanism to my making too many comics. I will put all my comics here.
Comic List:
Ask CS & Buds
Ask Moondrop & Co
Sola Kingdom
Solar Fall
Kirby Shorts
Psychic Trickster vs Porto
PMD: Stars Align
Moons & Knights - D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) but Moon Knight
The Space Between

Last update: 4th Aug 2022
PMD: The Stones Of Life PMD: The Stones Of Life
Long ago, there was a war between Xerneas and Yveltal. Xerneas came out victorious, with the assistance of their Stones Of Life. Centuries later, fate is spinning into motion as the scattered Stones are searched out by the sinister Order of Yveltal and the Explorers and Rescuers of Mark's Guild, and a certain fearsome quintet aiming to rid the world of the accursed Stones. And beneath it all, century-old secrets waiting to be revealed...

A comic based on the Mark's Guild RP.

Last update: 27th Oct 2022
Violent Content Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
World building for the SOTD RP! World building for the SOTD RP!
Since I (hearth-fire) made too many threads this will be used to compress it!
Last update: 27th Aug 2022
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Arceus' Council's Tax-funded Dump Arceus' Council's Tax-funded Dump
An art dump for the Arceus' Council RP.
Last update: 19th Dec 2022
Pokemon OC Factory Pokemon OC Factory
A dump for the parts for this thread.
Last update: 1st Jul 2022
The Weather Forecast The Weather Forecast
A bunch of new Castforms!
Last update: 22nd Jul 2022
The Eye of the Storm The Eye of the Storm
Just an art dump for a rp, which can be found here:

Last update: 16th Apr 2023
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
You are a Slime You are a Slime
An interactive comic, where you are a slime.
Last update: 25th Aug 2022
Violent Content
Ask PC Ask PC
Last update: 3rd Sep 2022
OCT: Salvation OCT: Salvation
A battle between various ComicFury creators' characters for the fate of the multiverse
Last update: 9 days ago
Written in the Stars Art Dump Written in the Stars Art Dump
Place to discuss lore, post art, and so on based on this RP created by Lavender-Tea-Dragon:

Last update: 23rd Jan 2023
Pokemon: Dimensional Rings Pokemon: Dimensional Rings
A bunch of (not really) friends are transported to the Pokemon world by Hoopa and go through challenges to get back to the human world.

However, Hoopa didn't choose them for no reason...

Last update: 4th Sep 2021
Violent Content
Voxel's Multiversal Travels Voxel's Multiversal Travels
Voxel is an outcode I made from another multiverse. He is an executable file made to contact the Undertale multiverse, sometimes controlled by the maker of the file, and other times the AI that was made to protect the file. His weak spot is the back of his hood or head, the close button.
Last update: 30th Sep 2021
Violent Content