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Registration date: 4th Oct 2011
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About Me
Being a midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy, the resident artist/photographer, and a writer at heart -- all of this frustration and creativity has to go somewhere. For the most part, "somewhere" means a camera, a sketchbook, and a keyboard.

Cel's Webcomics
Gravity is a 24-page comic short about a young trauma patient recovering from an accident she doesn’t remember. She doesn't remember where she was going, or who she was with; in fact, she doesn't even remember her own name. But none of it is really gone -- all of it is still in there, locked away in the confusing hallways of her mind.

In her extensive time at the hospital she tries to piece herself back together and work through the amnesia, only to find that perhaps she was better off remaining blissfully ignorant.

Last update: 4th Oct 2011
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