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About Me
I joined cause Stupid Short Eevee Comic has a Comic Fury, I'm a fan of Scruffyeevee!
I also like Eeveelution Squad.
And Eeveelution Webcomics.
And Eevee and the Eeveelutions as a whole.

Aside from that not much *cries in 19-year-old loser*
I currently am making an Eeveelution Comic called "Eevee World". Updates will NOT be consistent! I'll update whenever I am available or when I want to.
I also have another comic series in the works called Stupid Short Eevee Comic: the Quest for Sora, which is an AU comic.
I have a new comic called "Cheese Slices", though it's currently in the works.

So yeah. Not much else to say.

Oh I'm also a fan of Five Nights at Freddys!

I am not a furry, but I don't have a problem with furries.

*Will support the LGBTQ+ community, because it isn't fair to be shamed for being unique*

Call me Nick. Or Cheese. Whichever you feel comfortable with calling me.

I've come to make an announcement--

(Might be temperamental and easily provoked, I'm sorry in advance.)

CheeseNick's Webcomics
Eevee World Eevee World
Yet another of the millions of Eeveelution webcomics across the internet.
In Eevee World, we see some Eeveelutions having fun or adventure in the PC!
(Stupid Short Eevee Comic by Scruffyeevee was a HUGE inspiration for this comic!)

Last update: 19th Dec 2022
Stupid Short Eevee Comic AU: the Quest for Sora Stupid Short Eevee Comic AU: the Quest for Sora
What would happen if Stupid Short Eevee Comic took place in a world with no humans?
Well, there's much to explore with Vay Blizz, and Eve in this Alternative SSEC Universe!
Keep in mind that while this comic DOES have an ongoing plot, asking questions to the characters (similar to an ask blog) might help influence the characters' decision, affecting the story.

(Thank you SO much, Scruffyeevee, for letting me do this! ^w^)

Last update: 5th Dec 2022
Cheese Slices Cheese Slices
A little slice of life comic starring my two main OCs: Cheese and Nicole Fondue!

These two siblings have a life. So now we see their world!

(There will be an ask blog-like thing, but that will be made separately.)

Last update: 1st Jan 2023
Occasional Strong Language