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Karah's bad luck has been seen as a bad omen by his neighbors for years. When a flash fire ignites the village's worries to a fever pitch, Karah and his two closest friends must find a new place to make home. On his way there, he finds out that he's destined for so much more than he could ever imagine.
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three kids get kicked out and shit happens
Last update: 16th Jun 2013
Naoki meets Yuki during a commercial shoot, and feels chemistry. He thinks, since Yuki seems like a fairly regular pretty girl, he might have a chance at a normal high school romance. But nothing could be further from the truth...
Last update: 8th Oct 2015
Mint Chocolate Ice Cream
a sugary sweet lesbian minicomic about a timid futakuchi-onna and a zesty but average human girl. it’s gonna be great
Last update: 19th Mar 2015
The Earth and the Sky and Wisdom
Updates whenever. A child finds a treasure and goes on a journey.
Last update: 30th Dec 2012
Last update: 17th Nov 2013