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I came from The Dark Zone (Smackjeeves)

I'm an artist that likes making comics too much.

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I'm with You I'm with You
An LGBT-friendly story about anthro goats proving their worth, fighting beasts, and finding love.

CONTAINS: violence | blood | occasional strong language

Last update: 3 days ago
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
Under the Ash Tree Under the Ash Tree
Two bucks get their antlers locked together. As death follows their tracks, they must learn to get along despite their differences.

CONTAINS: gore | animal violence | religious themes

Last update: 15th Nov 2022
Graphic Violence / Gore
Kitty's Magic Closet Kitty's Magic Closet
A plush dog named Kitty discovers someone lurking in her closet. (a 10-page minicomic)

This story is part two in a series of vent-style comics featuring Kitty. Part one can be viewed here:

Last update: 5th Oct 2022
Kitty's Strange Encounter Kitty's Strange Encounter
A plush dog named Kitty meets someone new. (an 11-page minicomic)
Last update: 1st Dec 2021
Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Cynanthropy Cynanthropy
The Cynanthropes have been around for centuries. They keep themselves hidden, away from human territory. There have been some eyewitness reports of people turning into wolves and dogs, but they had been passed off as hoaxes, illusions, or just plain insanity. But for the wild wolves of Canada, it's a different story. One wild pack knows all about these shapeshifters, or at least what they've been told by their alpha male, Zaafir. They are especially cautious when it comes to accepting new pack members. But when Ferrah, a member of a small group of shapeshifters, ends up lost in the woods, they decide to let her stay for the winter (despite Zaafir's suspicion). Little do they know, this is the start of a catastrophe. What will happen when they find out she's not a wolf? And when one of the pack members falls in love with her, how will they react? An ancient evil lurks in the background, watching it all.


Last update: 4th Dec 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
The Story of Dune The Story of Dune
A goat's owners can no longer afford to keep him, and end up selling him to a new owner. What was supposed to be a paradise turns out to be an illegal slaughterhouse, where Dune must struggle to survive and keep his morale high.
Last update: 30th Dec 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore