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When not at my full-time job, I enjoy hiking, drawing and watching television.
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jphistudio presents jphistudio presents
Random comics for random times.
Last update: 10th Sep 2020
Mateys Mateys
A pirate and a ninja, sometimes roommates, sometimes neighbors, always frenemies.

Last update: 14th Feb 2021
Phantoms' Trail Phantoms' Trail
The king of Mindon has died. His heir, Princess Jacquilyn, is expected to succeed to the throne, but Duke Medrick makes his own plans to take control of the kingdom. High Councilor Vasquez discovers Medrick's plan to usurp power. He, along with his son and the princess' bodyguard, take the princess away from the kingdom, to protect her.

This comic is completed.

Last update: 27th Jul 2015
Graphic Violence / Gore