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Chippewa Ghost
Spooky scary
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Registration date: 6th Dec 2016
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About me
1) I am in charge.

2) Post up or leave. This is a place for creators (pages, comments, forum posts), not peasants or time wasters.

3) You are welcome to PM me if you require further instructions.

This is an alt account.


Chippewa Ghost's comics
Bleach Blonde Valkyries of the Fourth Reich
The sprawling, trashy conspiro-political thriller America asked for.

A disgraced Army officer is given the chance to redeem herself by fighting threats to United States that can't be handled by the established means... but will Tona Zehm's personal life suffer under the immense stress of running President Trump's death squads?

The single most hubristic comic on this or any other website ever, Valkyries is the authorized continuation of Maximum Speed and Violence and Winners and Losers.

Updates three times per week, every 8 pm every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Also available on Tapastic. Contains NSFW material including profanity, nudity, sexual innuendo, and motherfucking collusion with Russia.

Last update: 2 days ago
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Captain Happy's Transmissions of Happiness and Joy
Here is where everybody's favorite terrorist/anarchist/folk hero/lunatic, featured in Autumn Bay Classic and Let It Ride Vol. 4: Winners and Losers, tells his side of things.

Warning: This may be disturbing at times, and possibly (depending on your views) inflammatory.

Last update: 2nd Jan 2018
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Junk in the Trunk: Let It Ride Extras
Fan Art to and from me, Exchange Pieces, and other assorted random items from Let It Return, Holding Pattern, Maximum Speed and Violence and my other works.
Last update: 28th Nov 2017
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Saturday Night Syndicate
A combination of wiseguys highlighting the stories from the seamier side of the city:

Bruno Harm
Winners and Losers
Autumn Bay

Oh sure we're open to suggestions. But first maybe you do a little favor for us...

Last update: 26th Aug 2016
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The personification of wrath.

Armor of God.

Ruled by Desire.