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Chippewa Ghost
Spooky scary
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Registration date: 6th Dec 2016
Last seen: 27th Apr 2019, 11:43 PM
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Location: Changing Lives
About Me
"If it is to be, then it's up to me."

Chippewa Ghost's Webcomics
Childhood's End
The fateful final days of the President and Chief Executive Officer of ToyCo, Timothy A. Timmy III.

A heady convergence of Cryptida, Autumn Bay and the Let It Ride Saga.

Updates depending on author’s schedule. Contains intermittent profanity, violence, and cheesecake.

Last update: 6th Jan 2019
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Junk in the Trunk: Let It Ride Extras
Fan Art to and from me, Exchange Pieces, and other assorted random items from Let It Return, Holding Pattern, Maximum Speed and Violence and my other works.
Last update: Two weeks ago
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Flyover Country
A nun and and her companions drive into the rotting American heartland in pursuit of a ghost.

This is a distant sequel to Maximum Speed and Violence.

Includes exploitation film levels of violence, gratuitous profanity, sexual innuendo, and a lot of blasphemy. Updates almost every evening.

Last update: Today
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Chippewa Ghost's Disciples
The personification of wrath.

Armor of God.

Ruled by Desire.