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Chris the Blue's Profile
Chris the Blue♂
formerly Karda the Green

Registration date: 16th Feb 2014
Last seen: Two weeks ago, 6:34 AM
Posts: 2410
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Ratings given: 4.1 / 120
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Location: Inky's better than I am.
About me
I have arisen from the flames! Rebirthed and renewed!
No longer am I green... I am now...

inky, stating the obvious:you have a new name

Chris the Blue's comics
The City of Parkerstone: Part 1

Read Part 2: HERE

Sam Miller is a lazy slacker from the UK, living in an apartment in America. His roommate, Max Caroll, is an energetic everyman with a small brain. Staying with them is Sam's cousin, Lucy Moore, an intellectual college girl who doesn't talk much.
This is their lives.

Last update: 12th Aug 2016
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The Telly Savants
The City of Parkerstone: Part 2

Read Part 1: HERE
Read Part 3: TBA

Four young adults of verying personalities, trying to get by in life. Pete Schwartz, a telemarketer with a tendency to criticise, his roommate Ned Luddson, a jobless weirdo who doesn't seem to be all there upstairs, John Gage, an old high school bully turned best friend, and John's sister, Gail, a nice girl who wants to remain optimistic in a world that hates her.

Welcome to the trials and tribulations of these stupid idiots.

Last update: 16th Feb 2017
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Stories about Al
What makes a man?
Last update: 2nd Jan 2017
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The Furious City
Fury City.
A dark, dangerous place, home to many furians, either too poor to move out, or can't find anywhere else that fits them.
Some will kill, some will fight, and some will try to make things right.
Waiting 'til they get the big sleep.

It's basically Comic Fury as a noir. That's it really.
Oh, and it's a sprite comic. Look forward to that.

Last update: 1st Jun 2015
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Love From Silent Hill
Wow. Another sprite comic? Well isn't that original.

Anyway, a guy called Alan crashes his car into an eerie town called Silent Hill.
Join his quest to escape, as he fights with inner demons and whatever.

Last update: 12th Nov 2014
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Gilliam Ave
The adventures of two roommates Sam and Max, who sit around, talk about stuff and sometimes go to their jobs.

Inspired by Calvin and Hobbes and Seinfeld.

Last update: 29th Nov 2015
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Todd the King of Monsters
A grumpy old man must face the troubles of retirement: Boredom, body aches, and his old employers trying to kill him with monsters.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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The lifestyles of one Chris Cha, me.
Last update: 21st Sep 2016
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