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Salutations There, I'm Danith. Autistic Young Adult, Intelligent, Blunt, Kindhearted, Compassionate and Introverted Individual. Comics are an ongoing hobby of mine.
I also have Anxiety, Depression, Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Insomnia.
I am a fan of a vast array of countless things, such as Kirby, Mario, Sonic, Undertale, Anime, Hasbin Hotel, Steven Universe and MLP FIM to name a select few.

After SJDowngrades occurred, I primarily host most of my comics over here. That is correct I am an SJ Refugee. I mostly do sprite comics, Although I have few drawn ones on hiatus, that I might bring over at some point or other.

There's Kirby Tales in Dreamland, The Ongoing Slice of Life Kirby Sprite Comic that I work on. House of Craziness, Cooperative Effort of Me and Connor (among others). Kirby Card Clash, which I co-author, and assist with as necessary. Foolish Ventures of Knott, Final Fantasy Parody Sprite Comic, which like the not yet transferred (Kirby Persona) are side-comics that I've yet to wholeheartedly continue on.

I'm also the owner of the First Alternate Universe of Deltarune (Alongside Deltafreak), DRDestiny/Destinyrune. The creator of Undertale AU, R-Tale.

That about covers it for the basic information about myself. Have a Great Day, :3's Webcomics
The Eye of the Storm The Eye of the Storm
Just an art dump for a rp, which can be found here:

Last update: 19th Dec 2022
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
PMD Backside of the TV Art Dump PMD Backside of the TV Art Dump
After Scott Krenner had sudden inspiration, he got i95las’s permission to start an art dump for the new RP
Last update: 6th Jan 2023
Kirby Tales in Dreamland Kirby Tales in Dreamland
SmackJeeves Original (Before SJDowngrade) and inspired by Kirby Dream Adventure, Kirby Adventures, Kirby times 20 and more, It's Kirby Tales in Dreamland. Along with Kirby Dream Experience and Kirby Card Clash was the next generation trio (With A Generic Kirby Comic and Kirby Madness behind that). So What is quite fun to see, Why Kirbies of course! Follow The Slice of Life adventures of Kirba, Kirdee, Keeby, Kitsy, Kredy, Yelow, Sam, Violet & Many Many More. Join in tons of tales. There's Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Lore and Overall Strangeness in this expansive world. KTD/KTiD was made with tremendous effort and hard work. Despite the sometimes harsh judgment it' one of my best comics. I strive to continue on and on. Now Strike forth, read and enjoy.
Last update: 3rd Jan 2023
This comic is based on the Mark's Guild Pokemon Role-play, holding many of the concepts and lore we're developing in the thread. Plus possibly a comic adaptation. Join the role play here->
Last update: 13 days ago
Violent Content Sexual Situations
Arceus' Council's Tax-funded Dump Arceus' Council's Tax-funded Dump
An art dump for the Arceus' Council RP.
Last update: 19th Dec 2022
PMD: The Stones Of Life PMD: The Stones Of Life
Long ago, there was a war between Xerneas and Yveltal. Xerneas came out victorious, with the assistance of their Stones Of Life. Centuries later, fate is spinning into motion as the scattered Stones are searched out by the sinister Order of Yveltal and the Explorers and Rescuers of Mark's Guild, and a certain fearsome quintet aiming to rid the world of the accursed Stones. And beneath it all, century-old secrets waiting to be revealed...

A comic based on the Mark's Guild RP.

Last update: 27th Oct 2022
Violent Content Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
30 Days of Characters - 2022 30 Days of Characters - 2022
ComicFury artists join together to challenge themselves! 30 characters in 30 days - one new character every day, for the entire month of April.
Last update: 2nd May 2022
House of Craziness House of Craziness
One day, a smuck decided to make a house and open its doors to literally anyone who's willing to answer a random ad posted on the internet.

...This is gonna be interesting.

Accepting applications to join in the insanity. Give Hypersayia a message if interested.

Last update: 13th Jun 2022
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Kirby Card Clash Kirby Card Clash
Join Kirby on his card themed adventure as his powers get stolen by a mysterious black Kirby named Umbra. He teams up with his friends to rebuild the Master Deck and stop Umbra's madness! Contains several OCs and potential spoilers to fan RPGs I have worked on. Currently in a crossov er with Kirby Tales in Dreamland.
Last update: 29th Jun 2022
Foolish Ventures of Knott! Foolish Ventures of Knott!
Knott is not your every day "Final Fantasy" Bard, He's far from "Fantastical"... or at least he believes so. Join him as he gathers Party that is beyond strange, that will often end up in bizarre misfortunate situations, in which the solutions are even more absurd...or something like that anyway.

Follow Knott the Bard, Lucifer the Black Mage, Sally The Fighter, Roman the Door-Monster and Jeff is there too! Onwards to these Comedic Adventures.

...This is Final Fantasy 4 Sprite Comic, I dunno when will truly start...

Last update: 20th Dec 2019
Violent Content