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Registration date: 2nd Nov 2012
Last seen: 12th Jul 2017, 12:34 AM
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Location: Laredo, Tx
About me
Hello all,

I'm a young-old writer, code monkey and car painter by the name of Eric Gutierrez Jr. I love my wife and kids. Also the show, but that's a different story. I own 3 Pomeranians named Moxxi and Mordercai like in Borderlands and their baby, Dany. I'm an art toy collector especially funko pops.

You can catch me here or on my tumblr or even on twitter!

I accept all people and species except snakes. Sorry you legless reptiles, I have nothing against you...I just find you scary.

CireWire's comics
Devil Sunrise
Sam Guevara is a newbie detective who could barely understand the concept of DBAs, but yet chose to run his own private detective firm specializing in occult situations.

A computer science degree sounds fun right about now.

Last update: 27th May 2017
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Theory Empire
A gag-a-Monday strip based on writer/entrepreneur-in-training, Cire, talking about games, music, pop culture and other idiotic satires he can come up with.
Last update: 23rd Sep 2013
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The Adventures of a Thug
A webcomic covering all current pop culture things such as video games, movies, and news while using very humorous dialogue and characters.
Last update: 12th Feb 2013
[Comic profile]
A gun for hire finds out his license to kill has been expired. Now he needs to make ends meet while trying to avoid his enemies from his old job.
Last update: 28th Dec 2012
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