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Cojo's Profile
Registration date: 6th Jun 2017
Last seen: 2nd Oct 2018, 1:23 PM
Posts: 1
Comments left: 14
Ratings given: 4.5 / 2
Profile views: 72
Location: canada
About me

Cojo's comics
Random stuff
I make random stuff because I'm bored
Last update: 2nd Oct 2018
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Winter Adventures
I made a few comics and now I'm remaking them
Last update: 2nd Oct 2018
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The Justice League Of Canada!
a meh comic that I make. here are all the heroes and some descriptions

Leaf-Face: My friends told me to make a tree based character so leaf face was born.

Agent Zero: He's a guy with a gun based off James bond

Shadow Ninja: he's an extra character I mad op on the spot to fill space.

Poison: It was originally spelt POIZEN but I thought people would call me out on a spelling mistake so I just changed it

Ink man: A character that my friend made up and I asked if I could put him in my comics

I Currently have 9 volumes made on paper I just need to translate them to computer

Last update: 2nd Oct 2018
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ME comics
I will make comics everytime something dumb happens In my life
Last update: 2nd Oct 2018
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