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Registration date: 15th Sep 2014
Last seen: 9th Oct 2018, 4:05 AM
Posts: 136
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Location: United States
About Me
Lover of films, art, dance, comics, women, men, black comedy. Terrible artist, decent humorist, incredible writer. Wants to enter the webcomic world with absolute mediocrity and not afraid to show it.

ComicRobJonathan's Webcomics
atypical webcomic
Hello, my name is ComicRobJonathan. I have zero creativity, zero talent, and zero chances of making it into an successful medium... which is why I decided to make a webcomic. Presenting "atypical webcomic", a bad comic that knows its a bad comic and decides to spend its time making fun of other awful aspects of the internet. Is it satire or stupid, absurdist or just plain absurd? You decide for yourself but read it anyway. I will send you less death threats if you do.
Last update: 28th Nov 2014
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