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Pirate for Hire Pirate for Hire
An ex sky pirate struggling to live the straight life reluctantly helps two detectives hunt down a former crew-member-turned-terrorist. The corruption runs much deeper than any of them imagined, leading to a very unexpected source with peculiar intentions.
Last update: Today
Violent Content Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
Dumb Cheshire Jokes Dumb Cheshire Jokes
*Contains adult humor*
A collection of non-canon scribbly nonsense jokes.

Last update: 30th Mar 2021
Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Art of Pirate for Hire Art of Pirate for Hire
Collected art from my upcoming series "Pirate for Hire". Backgrounds, viz dev/concept stuff, character/vehicle/environment designs, references, separate art pieces, wip's and sketches, randomin-story ideas, deleted scenes/concepts, stuff like that. :)
Last update: 3rd Apr 2022
The Fate of the Titan a 24 hour comic The Fate of the Titan a 24 hour comic
What ever happened to the Titan?

The Titan was a Mansfield freighter, piloted by the ill-fated Captain Hall, and tasked with the transport of the original parts of a very unique airship known as the Legacy, from the Mansfield manufacturing facility in Russia to its creator in Whitfax, Scotland.

After the Titan does not appear at an agreed-upon rendezvous point for police escort by Sky Patrol, a search team is deployed, discovering her remains floating in the ocean, signs of a bloody struggle, and no sign of her crew. So what really happened to the Titan that fateful night? Let's find out! :D

This story is canon to both "The Airship Legacy" and the upcoming "Pirate for Hire".

Can I finish this entire comic in 24 hours? I dunno, let's find out. <:'D

Spoiler: I couldn't

This comic still lives, I'm just updating very sporadically.

Last update: 4th Sep 2021
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Original Character Tournament: Rounds 1 & 2 Original Character Tournament: Rounds 1 & 2
A continuation of this archive, which covers the preliminary to the fights themselves:

This comic is an archive of a ComicFury forum game in which a diverse group of characters from all across the site came together to fight each other. Said forum game was originally hosted by Vivocateur.

Some pages may be missing due to the authors of said pages removing them from the site. For such cases, the data is rendered as unavailable on this comic archive.

Although this forum game was discontinued, you can read the spiritual successor to it here:

Last update: 17th May 2022
Graphic Violence / Gore Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
The Airship Legacy The Airship Legacy

Last update: 20th Jan 2018
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language