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Registration date: 16th Jul 2013
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Location: Toronto Canada
ConnerEmacdonald's Webcomics
Where the Bodies are,
This is a series built around three gimmicks. I do the story in around 4 hours, the story is built around a title from a title generator, and it will have something to do with a dead body.

This series will not be updated on a set schedule. I do these cartoons for skill honing.

When you're drawing comics, its easy to practice character designs and splash pages, but you need to practice telling a story, and its not realistic to sit down and invest hours into writing a script just to practice page layouts, and camera positioning. So I bust out a short script, one draft, then draw it just for practice... plus its fun.

Last update: 23rd Jan 2015
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The Boys in the Bank
"The Boys in the Bank" is a satire about gun violence, the media, police, entitlement.
Three morons try robbing a bank, chaos and comedy ensue.

Last update: 4th May 2016
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Weird World!
This is a place for me to share my political... editorial and Werid History Comics.
Last update: 24th Nov 2015
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The Mixed Up Elf!
Last update: 21st Dec 2015
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Last update: 9th Nov 2018
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We are the Dead short days ago
The story of the Second Battle of Ypres.
Last update: 19th Feb 2014
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Last update: 5th Aug 2017
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Last update: 28th Mar 2014
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