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Eeeyyyy, I'm Cookie Waffle and I really like robots!

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Plug In!
2,000 years after humanity's downfall, there exists the colorful utopia of Robotania, a nation populated with sentient AI. The old human world has been all but forgotten as the AI have developed their own cultures, belief systems, and ways of life.

Last update: 3 days ago
Violent Content Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
CW's Concept art
Not a webcomic, but just a collection of concept art for my various projects.
Last update: Yesterday
Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Transformers Cyberhumans
In the not so distant future of the 2180s, a tight-knit community of technologically enhanced people called "cyberhumans" is trying to live peacefully after facing decades of war and persecution. However, life is rarely as simple as they want it to be. Living as a biomechanical human in the small town of Cyberton comes with its fair share of drama, tension, and the occasional sci-fi shenanigans.

DISCLAIMER: This is fanart! Most if not all of the characters in this series are based off of characters from the Transformers franchise.

Last update: 6th Jun 2020
Graphic Violence / Gore Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
This webcomic has been DISCONTINUED, but not abandoned!

I started this comic as a teenage kid, and since then my art and these characters have changed quite a bit. I will bring this series back to life in some form in the future, but as for this comic, it has been officially SCRAPPED.

Last update: 16th Dec 2015
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language