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Cookie Waffle's Profile
Cookie Waffle
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Registration date: 20th Apr 2015
Last seen: 21st Apr 2016, 4:04 PM
Posts: 66
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Ratings given: 4.88 / 8
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Location: T H E V O I D
About me
Eeeyyyy, I'm Cookie Waffle and I rly like stuff with robots and monsters in it.

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Cookie Waffle's comics
Monster City
You think you know a lot about monsters? Well think again!
Join Dracula and his monster pals on their.... "Interesting" adventures while they are constantly being pursued by a persistent mortal enemy and her gang of monster hunters.

This comic doesnt really have a big grand story or anything, it's just about the character's several adventures. Although there will be some story archs from time to time and an occasional punch in the feels.

This comic also happens to have a lot of LGBT characters

Last update: 16th Dec 2015
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Tales of Xirekiros (T.O.X)
This comic is still in heavy development, and probably won't be coming out any time soon. I also might require a co-author for it coz it needs to be epic AF.

It's got rly hot alien Unicorns an alien robot dragons and shit yo. Also one of the main characters is trans and it's got a shit ton of LGBT stuff in it so if you like that stuff you might like this.

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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