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saves the kids

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Eternal Night
This comic is made with Pixton.
Updates daily.

In a darker side of the world we know, there are vampires, gods and spirits with unknown intentions. A prophecy speaks of 6 individuals who have to save humanity from a danger not yet known, and our 11 protagonists are reluctantly thrown into an adventure with dangers and enemies on every corner.

come on u guys pls stop commenting on the art style i cant do anything about it

Last update: 8 days ago
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Eternal Night (Remake)
A remake of the first chapter or so in Eternal Night.
Last update: 12th Feb 2017
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The Adventures of 11 Losers
what the fuck
Last update: 4th Sep 2016
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Eternal Night Truth or Dare
Ask the characters from Eternal Night anything, or worse... give them a dare..
Last update: 5th Jun 2016
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Eternal Night Abridgement
The Abridgement of Eternal Night
Last update: 18th Jun 2016
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Eternal Night Art
Eternal Night stuff made by others :3
Last update: 3rd Jul 2017
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ComicFury Character Lounge
Based on the recurring "ComicFury Character Lounge" series, several artists bring their interpretation of these insane events.
Last update: 13th Apr 2016
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