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Registration date: 1st Jul 2010
Last seen: 22nd Nov 2010, 7:59 PM
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Location: Peeeeeeyoooote
About me
I'm a simple person, me thinks, with very simple rules.

I'm fourteen years young with a head for longboards, bass, and sports. And also art. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.
I'm incredibly sarcastic, overreactive, and lonely. I also make jokes at other people's expense.
I more than often talk to myself and laugh at my own jokes. My humor is blunt, dry, and exclusive to my own self.
I enjoy small disasters - unlike most people, I've come to realize - and think that little things that other people find frustrating to be actually very humorous.

I overthink a lot.
I hate when people question me. I AM NOT TO BE QUESTIONED ABOUT ANYTHING I DO.

I'm open to most of anything and everything.
I'm a guilty, giggly fan of yuri and yaoi, and also of gore.
Should you know of any GOOD yuri or yaoi, please drop a message (even if it's your own!) because I can never seem to find anything decent.

CorkscrewJesse's comics
Birds of a Feather
Scout has forever longed to be a bird - free to fly and live as one unshackled by gravity. However, when the oppurtunity presents itself, she finds it to be in an unexpected form.
Last update: 25th Jul 2010
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Be My Hoax
A variety of misadventures experienced in the midst of puberty.

That's pretty much it.
My life and more. Like the special features on a crappy movie.

Last update: 25th Jul 2010
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