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Registration date: 26th Nov 2014
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About me
Foooood! I'm just a girl with a passion for cartoons and stories, and I hope you enjoy mine.

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CrazyMustache's comics
Justice Roulette
This story follows the adventures of a young police captain in a futuristic world where mutants, aliens, and hybrids are commonplace. Julie Carp, a 25-year-old human with the literal heart of a lion, and her tiny companion, Florence, face the challenges of ridding the world of injustice one case at a time. But when Julie’s first case comes back to bite and burn her, she realizes what a dangerous game she has played.
Last update: 25th Oct 2015
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Amber 411
East Levoce is a city in a universe that doesn't know humans, but that promotes and funds training for young individuals to improve their natural abilities. Not everyone has powers, but those who do take classes that focus on helping them channel their power and control it. The story focuses primarily on the three main characters: Amber, Carmen, and Calypso.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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