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Cricri's Profile
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Registration date: 28th Aug 2014
Last seen: 18th Mar 2018, 5:32 PM
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Location: Italy
About me
Uh... well... Hi! :D
I'm a white maleficent giant bunny and I'll conquer the world, you miserable humans! MWAHAHAHAAAWWW!
Okay, just kidding, I'm an italian girl and I love reading, writing, bunnies, my brother and... his cat. :3

Cricri's comics
Happy Cri Friends
The misadventures of Cricri, her brother Edo, and their friends, Deby, Giuly, and Mary. They live in a huge house with many strange rooms, where they love playing... or doing plans to conquer the world. Some of them believe to be superheroes, other villains. Well, don't worry, they're harmless... but beware of Cricri: she might bite.

Last update: 25th Dec 2016
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Cricri's Pets
If only animals could talk!
...Well, now mine can and will show you what weirdos they are!
The intent of this comic is to give voice to animals, who are too often misundertood and abandoned, just because we are not able to fully understand their needs or their behaviour, but don't worry, just because it is an "information comic", it doesn't mean you won't laugh. My pets love playing around and having fun, so... What are you waiting for? Let's read it!
I'll post a drawing and I will leave a comment every now and then to explain the behaviour of my silly characters. WARNING, I'm not a veterinarian, nor an animal behaviour expert, nor a zoo keeper (?) or anything else, I'm just a crazy bunny/cat lady who likes drawing and sharing with the world how fun it is to live with pets and what great friends animals could be.

Last update: 13th Jul 2017
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