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Registration date: 9th Mar 2018
Last seen: Today, 2:10 AM
Posts: 400
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Location: America
About Me
I would love to show off my idea, and am REALLY hoping my comics find like-minded people!

PLEASE READ! If I stop posting: it's because of the recent electric-problem. It's worse than before, now...

CrosEL's Webcomics
Ittei No Kega Shita No Boku
In a certain time, disasters and crimes have gotten so bad, the birth and death rates
are violently fluctuating!

To keep death rates from rising higher: the government creates the Hero Association. This association hires anyone willing to be a Hero...

A certain hero team tries to rise to the top, as many strange events happen around them.

Can they save earth?

Last update: 23rd Sep 2018
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In the distant future, mankind has evolved! Unfortunately people's attitudes haven't! Follow 3 friends as they try to make it through this world like we are now, except: everyone has powers!

(Imagine a sitcom, and with a exaggerated "manga" story, with MANY parodies tied in!)

Further, as it's a "Pseudo Manga", pages are written from RIGHT to LEFT: meaning in most cases, it'll makes sense reading in that direction! Start at the top right and end in the bottom left.

Last update: 12 days ago
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Ideas and One-shots I thought of, everything's randomly assigned like on Miiverse…
It's more of a art-gallery than a comic, and NOT all the art's mine.
It has No real direction in it...

Last update: Today
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Dreams come True
Base off a dream I had a few weeks ago, and practice for more serious projects/dreams/wishes/goals etcetera....
Last update: 31st May 2018
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Feel the Magic
A Zelda Fancomic, and a completely original work! (If you like old-cringy fan stuff, enjoy! If you want to see a completely original thing, inspired by it, look at: Adventurine!)
Last update: 2nd Mar 2019
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