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Im cutieteddy so um im also cuteteddy but my password some reason did not even work no matter how many times i tried it still did not wor so that is why I made a new account so time to remake my pmd scarlet and lucifer yeah...... anyways im a young artist Trhux youger sister and I love comic books and drawing.

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Pmd Scarlet&Lucifer Pmd Scarlet&Lucifer
A girl named lillian wakes up in the pokemon world where she finds out she has turned into a pokemon after falling down to the pokemon world she stumbles uppon three pokemon named linnea,aloysius and linnea older sister milly they become friends and there team name is team universe when there on there first mission they stumble upon new friends named axel,leo,mei and frost after they find out there'are corrupteds on the loose will lillian find a way to adventure in the pokemon world and stop those corruteds?
Last update: 4 days ago
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language