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Registration date: 28th Jun 2015
Last seen: 15th Sep 2017, 8:35 AM
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Location: Halmstad - Sweden
About me
Just a cybernetic Pokémon who likes anime, cartoons, manga/comics, video games, Transformers, animals, drawing stuffs, and Lego.

Cyborg-Lucario's comics
Pokémon Rider EVO
This started as a fanfiction on but somehow lost the energy to make more chapters even though I wanted to make more.
So a time later so did I start drawing a comic that... I have been too lazy to continue with.
Well, I hope to bring it back to life by posting it here on a site dedicated to Pokémon Rider EVO.

The story: In the far away future, himans mysteriously dissapeared after an alien invasion. Only Pokémon are left to rule the world and a lot of them has evolved to having more humanoid forms. These Pokémon rebuilt the lost civilization and lives in peace.
That is until a young Eevee by the name of Ken Walker discovered a belt from the old civilization with a machine on it and discovered that the aliens who once made the humans vanish are coming back to destroy the new civilization of Pokémon.
So it's up to Ken to don the belt called EVOformer
When will it update?: Hopefully once every friday.

Last update: 11th Mar 2016
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