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I'm a big fan of computers and most anything I can make with one. I also enjoy being helpful, so I'm maintaining a layout guide to give back. Check it out! (I'll being moving the guide into the help wiki as I get around to it)

Cyborg_572's Webcomics
It Figures It Figures
A robot, his siblings, and the scientist that built them.
Last update: 19th Feb 2011
Simplesville Simplesville
This comic was created to accompany the layout guide at

It uses a super-simple and minimalistic layout.

Last update: 5th Oct 2009
Layout Creation Layout Creation
This is just a testing page so I can work with layouts.
Last update: 30th Aug 2009
Clean Layout Clean Layout
This is another comic created solely for the purpose of creating a layout. The goal this time is to have as few not-comic things on the page as possible, but to still have all the features.
Last update: 27th Apr 2009
Werewolf: The Game Werewolf: The Game
The village of Comicfury'sville is stricken by a case of lycanthropy. Will the villagers be able to survive by haphazardly lynching one person per day until all of the wolves are gone?

This comic follows the game Werewolf on the ComicFury forums, starting from Game VII and onward.

It primarily uses the images already present in the game threads, created by the hosts of each game.

Last update: 17th Dec 2010
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language